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For a long time the Department of Communication Studies has contributed to making our students better citizens—articulate communicators, better critical thinkers, and able advocates. We continue the rich tradition of educating undergraduate and graduate students to understand and apply scholarly research in rhetorical studies, communication theory, and critical media studies.

Your tax-deductible contribution provides our students with encouragement and vital financial support. It gives our faculty resources for enlarging knowledge and understanding. It helps to build and sustain a distinguished reputation for the department. Make a gift

What Your Gift Can Do

Excellence and competitiveness of our graduate program
We need to ensure the excellence and competitiveness of our graduate programs so that we can compete successfully for the best faculty and brightest students.

A diverse and engaged undergraduate student body
Although we are attracting better students than even before, too many outstanding students choose other institutions—often for financial reasons. Merit and need-based scholarships are essential for recruiting these talented students.

Dawn Ohlendorf Braithwaite (Ph.D.) "As a graduate of the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Minnesota, I realize just how much my excellent education contributed to my life and career, and helped prepare me to lead the National Communication Association. As a faculty member and a graduate program director myself, I know that departments need alumni support to help current students. If a large number of us become regular donors, it will make a big contribution to the department and the new generation of students. Our donations also tell the faculty members who gave so much to us that we appreciate their efforts and are proud to be graduates of the University of Minnesota!"

Dawn Ohlendorf Braithwaite (Ph.D. 1988)
Willa Cather Professor of Communication Studies
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
President, National Communication Association, 2010

Choose a Fund

There are a number of ways your gift can support help support graduate and undergraduate students - the next generation of leaders and thinkers - in the Department of Communication Studies:

  • Communication Studies Special Projects Fund
    Provides valuable discretionary support, allowing the department to make strategic investments in unexpected opportunities.
  • Debate Competition Fund
    Fuels the drive of the Minnesota Debate Team to prepare and participate in regional and national competitions.
  • Old Buffalo Fellowship and Scholarship Fund
    Carries on the tradition of distinguished excellence started by retired faculty members by offering  graduate and undergraduate student support.
  • Bart, Brown, Ziebarth and Rarick Critical Media Studies Fellowship
    Graduate fellowship support for students pursuing critical media studies.
  • Shapiro, Howell, Cashman & Smith Ethical Leadership Fellowship
    Graduate fellowships for students pursuing a program that emphasizes the study of ethical leadership in politics, business, or academia.
  • Scott, Jensen and Campbell Graduate Fellowship in Rhetoric
    Fellowship support for graduate students developing and applying rhetorical theory.
  • Ernest Bormann Symbolic Convergence Theory Fellowship
    Graduate fellowships for students with high potential in their field and offering a preference for those interested in symbolic convergence theory.
  • Distinguished Graduate Student Teaching Fellowship
    Award given annually to outstanding graduate student in recognition of their commitment to teaching.

Make a gift to the Department of Communication Studies online through the University of Minnesota Foundation.

Make a gift to the Department of Communication Studies online through the University of Minnesota Foundation

Portrait: Shannon Wolkerstorfer

For more information on ways to give, contact:

Shannon Wolkerstorfer
CLA External Relations

220 Johnston Hall
101 Pleasant Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone: 612-626-5064

For other giving options, visit the U of M Foundation.