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Financial Aid

Teaching Assistantships

Many Communication Studies graduate students obtaining support from the University hold appointments as teaching assistants, most as the instructor of record teaching speech fundamentals. There are also some opportunities to T.A. for large lecture courses, and to teach other undergraduate courses (especially for advanced students).

For nine months of halftime service the current stipend is about $14,400.00. Persons with appointments receive tuition remissions equal to twice the percentage of their appointments: students with appointments of 50% or more will receive l00% tuition remissions, not including fees.

Assistantship applications are now available online (PDF) and should be made through the Department at 225 Ford Hall.

Research Assistantships

Whether any research assistantships are available varies greatly from year to year, depending on grant money secured by individual faculty.

Conference Travel Awards

The Communication Studies Department provides a generous amount of conference funding for graduate students in residence whose original research has been accepted for presentation at a conference or conferences.


Graduate Fellowships

The College of Liberal Arts, offers one-year fellowships for outstanding incoming graduate students. This fellowship program has as its primary purpose the recruitment of outstanding students to the graduate programs of the University of Minnesota. Only students who will enter the Graduate School of the University of Minnesota for the first time in a given year may be nominated.

Persons interested should indicate "Graduate Fellowship" on their application for financial aid. Since this is a University-wide competition, we are looking for stong letters of recommendation, and GRE scores and GPA must be outstanding.

Diversity of Views and Experiences Fellowship

First-year prospective graduate students must be nominated by their chosen major field in early February. Approximately ten to fifteen fellowships of $13,500 plus tuition and health insurance are awarded annually by the Graduate School to assist graduate programs to promote a diversity of views, experiences, and ideas in the pursuits of research, scholarly and creative excellence. For more information contact the Director of Graduate Studies.

Other Fellowships

Many generous Fellowship are open only to students beyond their first year of graduate work. In most cases, persons are nominated by program faculties. Several communication studies students who have begun their graduate work on an assistantship have been able to finish their dissertations on such fellowships. Particularly useful to students in their thesis writing year are the Graduate School Doctoral, the University Alumni, and the Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowships.

Other Sources of Financial Aid

There are other employment opportunities on campus for students and for their partners. Applicants should write:

Student Employment Center
120 200 Donhowe Bldg.
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Graduate students are eligible for loan assistance. All inquiries should be directed to:

Office of Student Financial Aid
210 Fraser Hall
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455